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Axiom Student Apartments

Axiom Student Apartments, Stoke-on-Trent

Opulent are proud to be able to offer our latest student accommodation exclusive offering. Due to the suc [...]
20 m2
Introducing London House
7% Net Yield

London House, Stoke

London House is a completed and operational student accommodation development in Stoke-on-Trent. Consisti [...]
15.7 m2
7% Net Yield

Kiln House, Stoke

Welcome to Kiln House in Stoke-on-Trent, a completed and operational student accommodation building consi [...]
15 m2
7% Net Yield

Poulson House, Stoke

Poulson House in Stoke is our latest completed and fully operational student accommodation development, s [...]
15 m2
8.5% Net Yield

One London Road, Newcastle-Under-Lyme

Priced at £79,999, 8.5% Net Assured for 3 years, 3% Deposit Interest  One London Road is Opulent's lat [...]
18 m2

Discover The Latest Student Accommodation Investment Properties with Opulent Invest

Welcome to Opulent Invest, your premier partner for exploring and acquiring exceptional student investment properties. If you’re seeking a lucrative opportunity to diversify your investment portfolio and generate above-average yields from property investment, then look no further. Whether it’s completed student accommodation offerings providing immediate income or off-plan opportunities maturing in 12-18 months we’ve got you covered. All of our student properties have been rigorously researched and are always from tried and tested developers in prominent university locations where there is a shortage of good quality student accommodation.


Why Invest in Student Properties?

Student accommodation investment has proven to be a smart and rewarding choice for many savvy investors. The demand for quality student accommodation is on the rise, driven by an ever-growing student population seeking comfortable and secure living spaces. As universities continue to attract domestic and international students, the need for well-located, high-quality housing options becomes paramount.


Student accommodation offers several unique advantages for property investors:


Strong Demand

The student housing market enjoys consistent demand, regardless of economic fluctuations. Enrolled students require housing, creating a stable occupancy rate throughout the academic year. Hence, you can consider making a decision to invest in student accommodation in the UK.


High Yield Potential

Student property investments often generate higher rental yields compared to traditional residential properties. Multiple students can share a property, increasing the potential rental income. Whereas the typical yield on residential properties is 5% student properties can often offer yields north of 7%. In today’s world where interest rates are high, income as high as 7% can often be used to balance out other investments where yields have been reduced due to higher interest rates.


Long-Term Investment

Education is a long-term endeavor, and students typically require housing for the duration of their studies. This leads to longer lease agreements and decreased void rates.


Location Advantage

Student properties are strategically located in proximity to universities and colleges, enhancing their value and appeal to tenants. These prime locations tend to appreciate well over time.


Why Choose Opulent Invest?

At Opulent, we manage your property investments and portfolios as if they were our own. This dedication and attention to detail guarantee a personal service with tailored investment advice built to your exact requirements.
Our team of experienced property investment advisors work tirelessly to identify and present the very best investment opportunities to maximise the return on your investment. Whether it be identifying new property and off-plan developments for future resale or attractive rental properties with regular returns, we have complete confidence and proven expertise in delivering exceptional returns.

A superior investment proposition
There is no shortage of investment advisors in the UK but, sadly, not every one of these will place your needs above their own desire to turn a profit. This is the precise reason that we set up our business in 2014. It is witnessing poorly researched property investments lacking a strategic framework and companies willing to recommend developers without thorough due diligence checks, that led us to the comprehensive property investment service we are so proud of today. We call it ‘the Opulent Way’. Adding value, creating wealth
The ‘Opulent Way’ means adding tangible value based on a number of critical variables. It includes a research process second to none that allows us to make informed recommendations rooted in facts and figures and presented in a no-nonsense, easy-to-understand format. It involves working with hand-selected, reputable developers with unblemished track records right from the very start. This ensures that property investment plans can be shaped to your needs and delivered with the confidence that we are prepared to stake our brand on. Our primary goal is to create wealth and long-term financial security for you, and we are proud to do so transparently and ethically.

Total management
We set out to create turnkey opportunities that are fully managed and require minimal input. There’s no corner-cutting, but by acting decisively we can circumvent the most challenging part of the property investment process for you.
An after-sales team will guide you through your property investment purchases, absorbing most of the administrative burden. Forget time-consuming legal paperwork or preparing your property for rental. We’ll take care of it while you sit back and contemplate your next investment.

Start your investment journey today
Property investment is an astute choice for many and includes retirement fund planning, nest eggs to finance university education and experienced property investors seeking portfolio contraction or expansion.





Why should I consider investing in student properties?

Investing in student properties offers several compelling advantages. The demand for quality student accommodation remains consistent, providing a stable income stream. These properties often yield higher rental returns compared to traditional residential properties. Additionally, student properties are strategically located near educational institutions, increasing their potential for appreciation over time. Additionally, the entry level for student properties are a lot lower than residential properties with prices typically around the £70,000 to £80,000 mark for studio apartments.

How does Opulent Invest select the student properties featured on the website?

Opulent Invest employs a rigorous selection process for the student properties listed on our website. Our expert team conducts thorough market research to identify prime locations with high growth potential. We focus on properties developed by reputable builders, ensuring quality construction and amenities. Each property undergoes due diligence, including assessments of developer reputation, market demand, rental potential, and property quality, before being presented on our platform.

What kind of returns can I expect from investing in student properties?

The returns from student property investments can be highly attractive. Rental yields tend to be higher than those of traditional residential properties due to the possibility of multiple students sharing a single unit. Moreover, as the student population continues to grow, the demand for suitable accommodation remains strong, contributing to consistent rental income. The appreciation potential of properties in well-connected locations further enhances the overall return on investment.