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One of the reasons buy-to-let properties are appealing is due to the steady rental income they provide. Regular cash flow can help offset mortgage payments and other property expenses. As property markets fluctuate over time you may also benefit from an increase in the value of your investment, providing a lucrative exit strategy should you need it.

You’ll have more control over your investment property in comparison to other investment routes, like a pension fund. Even if you have investments elsewhere, diversifying your portfolio is vitally important for risk management. Spreading your investments across different asset classes lowers the impact of a decline in any single market.

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Average Rental Rate
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Average Rental Yield
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Rental demand in the UK is rising. In London, tenant demand rose by 171% in the first six months of 2022 [source]. But the number of homes to rent dropped by 38% to July 2022 [source]. The demand is there but the supply is dropping, which presents a strong opportunity for London investment into supplying that demand. The UK as a whole seems to be riding this very trend, as rental property prices have risen by 9% – the highest rise since 2015 [source]

Residential properties now make up around 35.7% of all dwellings in the UK [source]. The average gross rental yield in the UK is currently 5.60% [source]. This is based on Zoopla’s average rental property cost of £261,897 and the UK’s average rental cost of £1,223 [source]. Sunderland, Burnley, and Aberdeen are the highest-yielding cities in the UK, boasting average gross yields of more than 8% [source]. The North East in general is a strong region for investors, offering an average yield of over 7.% [source]

So as you can see, there are strong residential buy-to-let investment opportunities all across the UK. And we can help you secure them.

Why Invest in Residential Buy-toLet Properties?

Explore Residential Buy-to-let Properties

When you invest with Opulent Invest, you gain access to full in-house lettings and management, we’re dedicated to making the hard work easier. Thanks to our great buying power and industry connections, you can count on us for a rounded property investment strategy. From research to payment to furnishing, we’ve got your back.

What's Fuelling The Growth in Birmingham


After a difficult few years for the economy everywhere, the UK is projected to have a 0.9% GDP growth in 2025 (source). This is great news for property investors; with economic growth also comes an increase in jobs, which provides many with more disposable income to spend on improving their living situation. In turn, the demand for rental properties will increase, likely providing landlords with a higher rental yield.


In the UK, there are currently several regeneration projects taking place. These include big cities such as Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool, and more. For example, the South Bank Leeds project aims to double the size of Leeds’ city centre; estimating that 8,000 new homes and 35,000 new jobs will be created as a result (source). All of these present a great opportunity for property investors, as there’ll be a higher demand for homes within these areas and other UK cities.


The UK population is projected to hit 73.7 million by 2036 (source). As the population grows, so does the demand for housing. Not to mention, areas will see development to accommodate this – meaning there will be improvement to the quality of amenities, public spaces, and existing infrastructure. Ultimately, many regions within the country are attractive locations for homeowners and renters alike.

Education Est.

The UK is host to some of the best universities in the world. In fact, 4 out of 10 universities within the QS World University Rankings are in the UK (source). Such universities make it attractive for international students looking to study outside of their home country. International university-goers are typically interested in higher-quality living situations – making residential properties a more attractive rental option for them.


For any renter, having connected routes is an important factor when seeking a new living situation. The UK’s most popular cities offer an abundance of connected routes. For example, Manchester’s tram network means people living within the city and beyond can most likely take the tram to wherever they need to go in the region. Residential properties outside of the region are therefore in high demand – as many seek high-quality accommodation within connected areas.

Investing in Residential Buy-to-Let

Investing in residential buy-to-let properties can provide benefits such as a steady rental income, property appreciation, portfolio diversification, and tax benefits. In 2024 it is still a solid investment opportunity and one that can be very profitable too.


In short, yes, residential property is still a good investment. Property prices increase over time, as does demand and ultimately, rental yield. As a tangible asset, you’re able to see the value of your property investment and make improvements where necessary.

Despite its challenges, buy-to-let properties have a promising future. This is especially the case for those focussing on niche markets – such as international students. They can take advantage of the opportunities they present and adjust their buy-to-let property accordingly.

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