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London Commuter Belt

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Avg. Property Price
£ 450 K
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Why Invest in London Commuter Belt Property?

If you’re looking to expand your buy-to-let investment portfolio, London is a great place to start.

The UK ranked number one in the JLL Global Real Estate Transparency Index 2022. London was ranked number one in the city index. The city boasts some of the most coveted educational establishments in the world with two universities representing London in the top 10 of QS World University Rankings 2024. Four out of ten were from the UK, so half of these are in London (source).

The city is also showing growth in the financial, science and technology sectors too. London ranks second in Z/Yen Global Financial Centres Index 2023 (source). The UK tech ecosystem, largely influenced and driven by London-based services, was valued at just under $1tn in 2023 according to Tech Nation (source).

London’s resilience, demand, diversity, and legal security make it a stable option for investors, with rental rates at an all time high. Population, economic growth, and rental prices are growing. More and more people will require properties along London’s commuter belt. Now is a great time to think about investing in London-based properties.


Opulent Invest: London Commuter Belt Property Investment Made Simple

London has never failed to attract investment, especially in the property market. London’s financial centre is thriving, generating over £97bn in economic output annually on average (source). While house prices may have fallen recently in the metropolitan area of London overall, almost 4% from 2023, some particular boroughs are showing house price growth (source).

Richmond upon Thames, Thamesmead, Camden, and Hackney all recorded house price growth in 2023 (source) and are showing promising signs this year too.

There are other areas and properties along London’s commuter belt that also show promising signs of development and growth:



The home of Windsor Castle and accompanied by the River Thames, this royal borough has a rich mix of history, culture, and heritage. This makes Windsor one of the most popular destinations for a short break in the south of England. It’s also a popular place to live, with over 150,000 inhabitants and a growing population (source), creating strong investment opportunities.


The borough of Uxbridge was born from the road between London and Oxford back in the Middle Ages. This was a very important road back then and Uxbridge was originally a settlement town along the route. Today, with a population of over 20,000 (source), nothing much has changed for this high commuter town. Now it is an affluent commercial, administrative, and financial hub for the borough of Hillingdon.


Over 20,000 live in the residential community of Staines, London (source). There are around 10,000 households (according to the 2021 Census) and the average house price is over £400k (source). With more and more jobs becoming available in London, and more people needing property along London’s commuter belt, Staines could present an interesting investment opportunity.

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What's Fuelling The Growth in London Commuter Belt


London is a sprawling, vibrant city at the centre of absolutely everything in the UK. Service industries – such as financial and professional services, dominate the majority of the economic market. As Europe’s most economically powerful city, it currently represents 25% of the UK’s overall output – which equates to a total of £294bn (source). This signals strong economic growth that promises prosperous conditions for property investment.


In 2021 alone, an estimated £54.9 billion was spent on Commuter Belt housing (source). Not to mention, there are also regeneration projects occurring in Thamesmead, Old Oak Common, and Park Royal. All of which focus on improving existing buildings, providing new homes, and transforming outdoor spaces. Such developments will likely succeed in attracting people to the region and therefore offer a promising property investment opportunity.


London’s population is growing rapidly – especially amongst the Commuter Belt. Since circumstances have changed post-pandemic, many have begun to move to the capital’s surrounding towns. So much so that the metropolitan area has seen a 1.04% population increase since 2023 (source). Savills have even predicted a strong house price inflation amongst the Commuter Belt in the next five years – making it an ideal region for property investment.

Education Est.

46.7% of London’s population have obtained Level 4 qualifications or above – which is comparably higher than other parts of the country (source). Home to some of the world’s leading universities, the city even attracts vast numbers of students from across the world. This provides a great opportunity for property investors, as overseas students typically seek high-quality private, rented accommodation.


With the tube and red double-decker buses running all day (and sometimes all night), London is one of the most connected cities in the country. Its underground rail network boasts 270 stations, meaning no area is too difficult to get to. For renters, this is an ideal living situation as not only does living in London provide connected routes – but so do towns along the Commuter Belt.

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Property prices in prime central London are indeed high and might not be the best investment. However, as the need to work from an office in London decreases, more people are moving to the suburbs or commuter belt locations. These areas offer more affordable properties, sometimes even cheaper than those in Manchester or Liverpool. As long as there are good transport links, these properties will rent well and appreciate over time.

When buying a property in London, you need to account for several additional costs:

Legal fees: Typically range between £1,500 and £3,000, depending on the property’s value.

Stamp duty: Payable to HMRC.

Survey fees: For property assessments.

Agent fees: If applicable.

These costs are similar to those you would incur when purchasing property anywhere else in the UK.

The best location for investment depends on your budget and investment goals. Central London properties are expensive and often yield lower returns. For the rest of 2024 and into 2025, we recommend looking at London commuter belt locations. These areas, situated on the city’s periphery with good transport links, offer more affordable prices, higher rental yields, and increasing demand.

Consider areas like Uxbridge, Windsor, Slough, and Hayes towards the west of London.

The operating expenses for a property in London depend largely on the unit’s size and the building’s facilities. Generally, the costs to run a property in London are similar to those elsewhere in the country

You can purchase property in London remotely. Buyers from most jurisdictions are allowed to purchase property without being physically present in the country. The entire process can be handled remotely.

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