Maximising your rental property portfolio's performance is as much about the lettings and management process as it is the selection and purchase of your investments.

Opulent Lettings and Management is a bespoke service conceived exclusively for our valued investors and landlords. We offer an unrivalled level of property management expertise to protect and safeguard your investments, saving you time and ultimately ensuring your tenancies are as long and lucrative as possible.

Opulent Lettings and Management was set up by landlords for landlords, which means we manage and take care of every property as if it was our own. Whether your portfolio includes student accommodation, high-end luxury apartments aimed at professionals or off-plan and new-build investments, we can help with your property management and letting needs.

We offer a professional tiered lettings and management service, allowing you the flexibility to choose a package that suits your financial and practical needs. See below for our tailored lettings and management packages:

Full Management

Our most common package allows our investors complete peace of mind and the freedom to enjoy their property investment without the time-consuming demands of day-to-day management.

Our dedicated management team will take care of the entire end-to-end rental process, including securing and vetting tenants for your property, as well as ensuring that your property and all associated assets and amenities are kept in optimum condition.

Opulent Lettings and Management will assume full responsibility for all dealings with the tenant, including the collection and payment of rent and regular documented property maintenance checks. This comprehensive management package includes free rent and legal protection (terms apply).

Using a consolidated network of carefully vetted suppliers, we can deliver a highly responsive service to attend to repairs and maintenance with an extensive quoting process and preferential rates.


Our rent collection package has been designed for landlords who are happy to manage the maintenance side of their tenancies but require assistance with property management's financial elements. Our professional and experienced rent collection team is on hand to manage your monthly rent collection more effectively and efficiently, including the provision of statements detailing funds received from your tenant and subsequently forwarded to you, the landlord. These HMRC compliant statements will help provide the necessary information on rental income for your tax returns, saving you time for end of year accounts.

Late payment is something that many landlords will encounter. Still, our years of experience tell us that we can prevent future issues if dealt with speedily and courteously, alleviating delays in payments and income loss. In the event of late or non-payment, the Opulent rent collection team will make the awkward phone calls on your behalf and set any legal processes in motion.

For peace of mind, we offer additional services, including rent protection schemes. Please ask us for more information at the time of your enquiry.

We are well versed in all aspects of rent collection. We aim to ensure your income's timely delivery in compliance with all governing litigation and best practice guidelines.


Finding prospective tenants for your property can be time-consuming and involves a great deal of detailed pre-tenancy administration. This package seeks to save landlords time and offers a high degree of security in potential tenants' vetting.

The Opulent Lettings team will produce and manage all marketing materials and advertising assets to attract a pool of pre-qualified suitable tenants for your property. Once a tenant is secured, the team will draw up all contractual paperwork, produce detailed photographic itineraries and complete all necessary tasks to get you to 'moving in day'.

The tenancy will then be handed back to you, where you will resume responsibility for collecting rent, dealing with maintenance issues and all ongoing communications with your tenants.


Perfect Tenants

Great tenancy management starts with great tenants, and that's why our whole ethos is built on finding the perfect tenant every time. Well-vetted tenants are reliable, trustworthy and pay their rent on time every time. What's more, they treat your property with respect and integrity and as if it was their own. There is no substitute for the comprehensive groundwork put in at the outset of a tenancy agreement, and every member of the Opulent team is trained with this approach in mind.

Enduring tenancies

Our business is a people business, and we take the time to understand tenants and their optimum fit with a location, property and landlord. Our local market knowledge is superior, and we go over and above to identify, secure and retain the very best tenants. This manifests in enduring tenancies, cost and time efficiencies, and landlords who have complete confidence in entrusting us with their property investments.

Optimised investments

We've been on the other side and know first-hand what it feels like to be failed by a management company. We're experienced landlords ourselves and understand the challenges faced in managing property portfolios, particularly if you're managing your tenancy from afar or overseas.

We've developed a comprehensive reporting system that allows us to send landlords full reports based on occupancy, void periods and property yields. This invaluable insight can help landlords optimise their investments and forward plan for improved portfolio yield.

Maximum ROI

Our extensive experience allows us to guide our investors through their financial and legal responsibilities while ensuring maximum investment return.

We understand investors and landlords are busy. We're here to alleviate the burden of tedious tenancy issues so that our investors can focus on their growing portfolios and allocate their precious time to family, leisure pursuits and future wealth creation opportunities.

Making your investments work harder

Whether you are an experienced landlord, new to property investing or facing challenges with your existing management company, we are confident we can save you time, money and make your investments work harder for you.

Get in touch today for a no-obligation discovery call to see how we can add value to your property investment portfolio and minimise your stress and input.

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