There has never been a better time to invest in the London Commuter Belt – here’s why

The London Commuter Belt is one of the UK’s most popular property investment markets. Its population is growing thanks to the number of people leaving Central London, and waves of regeneration are transforming Commuter Belt towns, creating desirable neighbourhoods which offer high quality job opportunities and an enviable lifestyle.

Entry prices remain affordable for investors despite growth of 10.4% over 2021 – and, even better, Savills projects further house price growth (up to 17.1%) and rental growth (up to 13%) for the Commuter Belt as a whole in the next five years.

“Buyer commitment to moving remains strong and longer-term adaptations to home working will benefit London’s wider commuter zone,” said Frances Clacy, Associate Director at Savills.

This makes it a good time to invest in the Commuter Belt – but where specifically should you consider for your next purchase? We have gathered a range of options which offer strong potential growth in the future.

Chatham, Kent

Chatham is a convenient 45-minute train journey outside London on the coast. From its past as a national centre of shipbuilding, today it has a population of almost 300,000 and is home to 12,000 students at the universities of Kent and Greenwich, both of which have campuses in the town.

This prime location by the sea is extremely attractive to businesses of all kinds, and more than £1bn of public and private investment is pouring into Chatham. Known as the Medway 2025 plan, this money is transforming the town and turning it into a place which can offer both high quality jobs and a quiet lifestyle, all just a short journey from Central London.

Notable investments include an £86m further education campus, £37m of railway improvements, and seven miles of waterfront renewal among other impressive projects. Chatham already benefits from economic growth above the national average, and it is estimated that the Medway 2035 plan will create a further 17,000 jobs in the area.

Matthew Norwell, Chief Executive of the Thames Gateway Kent Partnership, said: “Chatham Waterfront is a real beacon of regeneration success. The mixed-use development – featuring hugely popular homes, leisure, retail and entertainment venues, and the outstanding Universities at Medway complex – is an excellent case study of how to create sustainable, vibrant communities. Chatham Maritime both respects the past and embraces the future”.

More, better jobs means more people moving to the area, and all of them will need housing. Luxury apartments with views over the stunning Chatham waterfront are likely to be in extremely high demand in the coming years – making them an intriguing investment option. Want to learn more about investing in Chatham? Get in touch with our team today by clicking here.


When it comes to investing in the London Commuter Belt, there are not many more attractive places for buy to let investors than Uxbridge. Located a short journey from Heathrow Airport and within an easy journey of London via road or public transport, Uxbridge is an ideal place for businesses and commuters.

Heathrow Airport itself is the UK’s largest and one of the busiest in the world. Additionally, it is one of the UK’s most significant economic powerhouses, contributing £188bn to the UK’s economy every year according to the Centre for Economics and Business Research. It is projected that will grow to £204bn by 2025, and even further when the airport expansion is complete.

This expansion is estimated to be worth £61bn to the country over 60 years, as well as providing 77,000 new jobs and 5,000 apprenticeships by 2030 – the vast majority of which will be located minutes from Uxbridge in addition to the hundreds of thousands of jobs in the area which Heathrow already supports.

Because of this, there are nowhere near enough homes in Uxbridge for everyone who wants them, and that steady supply of residents combined with a shortage of properties is a recipe for a successful buy to let investment location. Furthermore, proximity to the airport also makes it a place with potential for successful short term lets if that is your preferred investment strategy.

Want to learn more about Uxbridge? Get in touch with our team today by clicking here.


Our final London Commuter Belt investment area to recommend is Hayes in West London. This town is centred on a beautiful canal and features a range of green space which makes it one of the most tranquil areas in London. It has been described by the London Evening Standard as offering “fantastic value, future potential, a swift commute and a property market that has remained on the up despite the slowdown across most of the rest of the capital.”

It is that optimism and sense of opportunity that defines Hayes. A £230m masterplan to remodel the town centre entirely is underway and will span the next 15 years. It will deliver new housing, infrastructure, community areas and more which will give the town a new face and deliver economic prosperity for its residents for years to come.

This internal investment will combine with perhaps the single most significant factor in Hayes’ growth – the new Crossrail line. The brand new Hayes & Harlington Crossrail station gives direct and fast rail access to both Central London and Heathrow Airport, with trains every five minutes at peak times – making Hayes a perfect for businesses looking for an ideal location between London and the rest of the world.

Unsurprisingly, house prices are already rising thanks to Crossrail, and there is potential for even more significant gains in the future as companies with major bases in Hayes – such as Amazon, British Airways, Samsung and others – are joined by new arrivals looking to make the most of the outstanding location.

Want to learn more about investing in Hayes? Get in touch with our team today by clicking here.

The London Commuter Belt has a wealth of opportunities for investors. Towns like those described above have growing populations, substantial investment and a bright future ahead of them. Investors looking for their next property should be looking at the London Commuter Belt. Get in touch with our team today for more information.

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