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5 Key Elements You Must Know About Property.

Investment Property

Interested in Investment Property but you are unsure of the right strategy for your needs, right? Are you confused by the huge amount of available investment information, financial products, and advice? Do you worry that misguided advice will seriously affect your investment success in the property?

If you answered yes, to any of these questions then this blog needs to be read.

This blog will show you the 5 critical elements you need to have in place to ensure your investment in property is a success. You will find out how to avoid making the easy but critical mistake other property investors are making, one that might end up costing you thousands of money.

Step 1

Firstly, we are helping you to build the right approach to Property investing. Our first interview will involve delving into everything we need to know to determine your factors of ‘what,’ ‘why’ and ‘how’ and ensuring that both parties fully understand your objectives. We’ll conduct regular reviews to ensure that you’re still on track to achieve your goals and reorient yourself if you’ve veered off track. Our aim for the rest of your life is to work with you on your strategy.

Step 2

Wholistic Financial Solutions will build a Property Portfolio Plan that takes into account the individual financial circumstances and priorities and shows you the value of the property portfolio. How many properties should you purchase, under what name should you buy the property, how to arrange the assets, how to reduce tax and at the end of the day how much it will cost you every day.

Step 3

As everyone’s situation in property investing is unique, different properties meet different people’s needs. It is quite difficult for the average investor to distinguish between the ‘facts’ and the ‘sales speak’ on property investment. As we have many different properties available from many different sources we are not biassed towards any particular location, developer, type or property. We just want to help you find the best property.

Step 4 

We also have full use of a management facility under the banner Wholistic Financial Solutions. With your property listed in

The leaseback scheme gives you a full property management team to take care of your investment property. They will look after your property guaranteeing you market rental income, full property inspections, selection of professional tenants and all other property management criteria charged at the same fee rates as property management divisions.

Step 5

Our mentors and coaches of investment property will have a partnership to help you move through any obstacles that could hinder you from achieving your goals in your bright new future. Find out what’s holding you back, look at the hurdles and move right above them. It’s time to get rid of the excuses, set your inspiration on fire and build wealth and fulfilment in all areas of life. You are the best investment you can ever make, with the right information and the right motivation!

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Invest in Liverpool’s property market in 2019.


Liverpool’s property market has recorded a steady growth of popularity in recent years. A figure which is speculated to continuously rise during the coming years. This growth has been driven by various factors, including the extensive regeneration that the city has undergone, the increasing number of businesses that start within Liverpool and those which relocate to the area, the thriving number of students, the rapid population growth, among many other factors. In this article, Opulent Invest will drill into each one of them to further explain why Liverpool is one of the best cities to invest in property this year.

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Best properties in Manchester to invest in.


Manchester’s property market has continued to boom, catching the attention of both overseas and UK investors. This growth has been driven by Manchester’s strong local economy, its transformation with investment into transport, health and technology facilities by the Northern Powerhouse Investment Fund, plus its increase of businesses and population growth. In addition to these factors, Manchester has also been highly popular amongst young professionals and foreigners, seeing an influx of migration nationally and internationally.

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