Question: What security is there for our clients who purchase property as an investment?

Each project we work on is different, but our investors can rest assured that first and foremost comes our clients' security. What's more, Opulent works with developers to create as many lines of securities for our clients. The key to this element is to work with developers who have a credible track record in property development. Opulent only works with developers who have demonstrable track records in delivering the best UK and International Property investments.

Question: Which are the best countries for property investment?

This is a very broad question, and in reality the answer to this question always changes. At the moment the UK is considered as being one of the more safer and more profitable markets for property investment. Rental yields are  very good and prices are increasing at a steady rate. However next year it could well be somewhere else. It’s probably best we answer this questions with an outline of the information our sourcing team looks for when appraising new opportunities. At Opulent we look at a combination of Local regeneration in the area, the strength of the local economy, population growth statistics, capital appreciation growth in the area, as well as the strength of the local rental market.For more information on investing with Opulent and generating superior returns get in touch with us now.

Question: Do I need to have lots of money to invest in property?

No in fact many of our opportunities have capital outlays from as little as £10,000. The trick is to spend your money wisely, watch it grow and then use the profits to buy more property investments. Opulent has successfully built a number of property portfolio in the UK on behalf of its clients who invested from as little as £10,000.

Question: Is there any guarantee that I will make a profit?

Nothing is guaranteed and please be aware that the value of any investment can go down as well as up and all of our investors are urged to seek financial advice from a qualified IFA prior to investing in property. We as a company do all we can to ensure our clients make a profit but there is no guarantee.

Question: Why should I work with Opulent?

Opulent are the market leader in sourcing and supplying credible UK and International property investment opportunities. We pride ourselves on the level of research we carry out on our developments and the level of detail in the service we provide to our clients. We specialise in creating wealth through property and working closely with our clients to understand and uncover their true investment goals. We don’t work with middlemen and structure all of our own opportunities, which means we are able to exercise greater control over our investments, and package them in such a way that it meets the needs and expectations of our astute clients.