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Prices start from £27,000

In today's market investors are looking for discounted opportunities that provide a clear and safe exit strategy. In addition, putting all of our eggs in one basket can be risky. Diversification also plays a key role and alternative investments can be the ideal way to reduce risk to your portfolio. Our car parks offering provides a low entry investment of just £27,000 and with many operators are 23% below the current market value. As well as this certain operators will offer a 5 year assured income.

Such projects are fully SIPP approved and have received high volumes of investor interest due to the guaranteed exit strategy and the investors' ability to sell their car park at any time providing complete security in your investment.

Why Invest in Car parks?

  • Low risk investment with minimum outlay of £27,000
  • Motor Organisations expect demand for car parking spaces to increase dramatically with the sharp rise in cars on the road
  • SIPP Approved
  • Guaranteed buyback schemes
  • Typical yields between 7-9% dependent on operator
  • 23% equity from day 1
  • Diversification

Investment Summary 

  • Minimum Entry Level: £27,000 (circa 23% below market value)
  • Average Investment: £54,000
  • Asset: 99-year renewable lease of a commercial property
  • Exit Strategy: Structured exit routes in place
  • Valuation: £35,000, buy at circa 23% discount option
  • Assured returns with certain operators
  • Assured Rental scheme in place with some operators
  • Low initial outlay
  • Good exit strategy with guaranteed buyback
  • Low risk alternative investment
  • Opportunity to diversify your portfolio
  • 99 year renewable lease

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