Below Market Value Property (BMV)

We have a range of BMV property investment opportunities available at Opulent. BMV property is perfect for increasing your return on investment as it comes with a discounted price.

BMV property is typically discounted for one of a number of reasons, the most common being that the seller is motivated more by the speed of sale and deal completion as opposed to the final sale price. For example, if the seller needs to release funds for a time sensitive business opportunity or to purchase a dream home that is generating interest from other parties they might list a BMV property. This opens up fantastic investment opportunities for our customers to get a greater return.

The team at Opulent Invest has been finding the very best in genuine Below Market Value property for a number of years, with over 35 years of property investment experience we ensure that all investment opportunities are the best available. We find that the majority of BMV properties are 25% lower than original market prices, but some properties can go to as much as 40% below original market value. Before we offer any BMV properties to our customers we ensure that we carry out a full report and check that the property has nothing wrong with it or hidden features. We then make this available for our customers to view, therefore customers can feel comforted in the knowledge that the property they are investing in is fit for purpose.

We have long-standing relationships with reputable developers and investment providers which puts us in a unique position above our competitors. This insight means we can bring you market leading BMV property opportunities that offer good value, better service and higher returns.

Opulent does not work with middlemen; opportunities are researched thoroughly and come with the Opulent stamp of approval. Our sourcing team works tirelessly to select only the best properties and alternative investments designed to deliver on both capital appreciation and income generation.

If you are looking to maximise your return on investment, a BMV property is a perfect opportunity. Opulent Invest are experienced and comfortable in finding the best BMV properties, so why not give us a call and see if we have one to add to your investment portfolio.


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