About us

At Opulent, we manage your property investments and portfolios as if they were our own. This dedication and attention to detail guarantee a personal service with tailored investment advice built to your exacting requirements.

Our team of experienced property investment advisors recognise your finances' value and work tirelessly to identify and present the very best investment opportunities to maximise the return on your investment.

Whether it be identifying new property and off-plan developments for future resale or attractive rental properties with regular returns, we have complete confidence and proven expertise in delivering exceptional returns.

A Superior Investment Proposition

There is no shortage of Investment Companies in the UK but sadly, not every one of these will place your needs above their own desire to turn a profit. This is the precise reason that we set up our business in 2014.

It is witnessing poorly researched property investments lacking a strategic framework and companies willing to recommended developers without thorough due diligence checks, that led us to the comprehensive property investment service we are so proud of today. We call it 'the Opulent Way'.

Adding Value, Creating Wealth

The 'Opulent Way' means adding tangible value based on a number of critical variables. It includes a research process second to none that allows us to make informed recommendations rooted in facts and figures and presented in a no-nonsense, easy-to-understand format.

It involves working with hand-selected, reputable developers with unblemished track records right from the very start. This ensures that property investment plans can be shaped to the modern-day investor's needs and delivered with a degree of confidence that we are prepared to stake our brand on.

Our primary goal is to create wealth and long-term financial security for YOU, our investor, and we are proud to do so transparently and ethically.

Total Management

Today's investor is busy, which is why Opulent sets out to create turnkey opportunities that are fully managed and require minimal input. There's no corner-cutting, but by acting decisively and with an enviable knowledge bank, we can circumvent the most challenging part of the property investment process for you.

An aftersales team will guide you through your property investment purchases, absorbing most of the administrative burden. Forget time-consuming legal paperwork or preparing your property for rental. We'll take care of it while you sit back and contemplate your next investment.

Start Your Investment Journey Today

Property investment is an astute choice for many and includes retirement fund planning, nest eggs to finance university education and experienced property investors seeking portfolio contraction or expansion.

Get in touch today to discover a more rewarding and secure way to create wealth.

Our Mission

To show property investors how to claim their power by investing in a more secure, transparent and rewarding way – the Opulent Way

Our Essence

A collective passion for balancing wealth creation with doing business 'the right' and honourable way

Our Promise

To add value and create wealth by understanding you and your property investment goals

Our Vybe

Your funds, your future, our business