Working with partners is central to the success of Opulent. Over the years, we have successfully built and maintained an affiliate network that transcends across much of the world. Building on our core values of trust, integrity and honesty, we only work with organisations of a similar status that share our values and where together we can help each other achieve our business and sales objectives.

Both our partners and clients can be assured that any opportunities we offer have been rigorously checked against our very stringent due diligence criteria. Our skillful sourcing team, armed with the feedback from our investors, select only the very best opportunities designed to deliver on both capital appreciation as well as income generation.

By working with us our partners immediately benefit from:

  • Free white label marketing and comprehensive sales aids for each opportunity offered
  • Free pre-designed mailshots for online marketing campaigns
  • Extensive training from our in-house experts
  • Exceptional customer service, backend support and sales progression from our in-house administration team
  • Potential for joint marketing campaigns and exhibitions
  • Free backend agents portal via our website to assist with client management and sales progression

As well as working with agents and brokers, Opulent has solid links with property developers worldwide. These partnerships put us in a unique position to assist developers to identify early the right opportunities and see them through from inception to completion. We provide a total solution for developers to meet their objectives with consultancy work, private equity funding, as well as sales and distribution.

Why We Are

We’re different because we deal directly at the source and get involved with investment opportunities right from conception. This allows us to secure the best possible terms for our investors thus increasing the likelihood of better returns. Additionally, all of the Opulent opportunities are exclusive to us and in the majority of cases have been designed around our suggestions. They are rarely available through any other provider unless they are part of the Opulent distribution chain.

All of our opportunities are innovative and due to our clout with developers usually offer a great deal of value designed to meet the varying needs of our investors.

We’re serious about customer service and see each investor and partner as an individual with their own individual investment objectives. Our team of after sales specialist and partner account managers are trained to display full transparency with no scripted answers whilst dealing with our investors. Additionally our client relationship managers are trained to help our partners make the most of their time with us delivering accurate solutions designed to help grow your business. Trained to provide as much support as it takes, our partner relationship managers are on hand 24 hours a day to ensure our partners receive the best possible sales support on the market.