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UK Residential Buy to Let

UK Buy to Let and residential property from £45,000

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Luxury en-suite and studio Student Accommodation pods with prices starting from £39,950

Why invest in property with Opulent?

Property investment can be a complex business, particularly when investing overseas. Whilst the economic returns can be substantially greater in foreign markets investors need to know all the potential risks involved to avoid losing out. This is where Opulent’s expertise can help. The Opulent property sourcing team are experienced property professionals who work diligently behind the scenes to bring our customers the very best opportunities that have been rigorously scrutinised by each member of the team against a defined set of criteria. As opposed to other property investment companies our sourcing team does not stop until we have created the optimum investment conditions for our clients maximising the opportunity to achieve their investment objectives.

Our key focus is to target developments in thriving capital cities where we work with established developers that have an impeccable track record built on trust and reputation. All of our developments are strategically chosen in markets where there is regeneration potential and opportunity for capital appreciation. In addition, we ensure all of our property investments are in excellent locations close to airports, hospitals or universities thus maximising the rental potential for our clients.

Only when each of our stringent criteria has been met will the development be given the Opulent stamp of approval and will we offer it to our investors.

What our clients say?

Mrs Manjit Bhogal
Putney, London

“The reason I decided to work with Opulent over any other company is their excellent customer service and level of detail that is provided to me when looking at opportunities. Not only is the marketing material very attractive but it also usually contains valuable information and insights in to markets that were otherwise unknown to me. So far I have bought two properties with Opulent but the plan is to build a portfolio and continue the relationship.”

Mrs Sandy Wang
Happy Valley, Hong Kong

“Living so far from the UK means sometimes I am unable to visit the properties I am purchasing. In times like these I require someone who I can trust to provide me with all of the information I need. Opulent I feel carried out this process very well and didn't just send me information that was meaningless, instead I found the information to be useful and unlike what I had seen before from other companies. Opulent and Lisa in particularly always provide me with the right information and sometimes information that I would never even have thought about when making my investment decisions. The one time I did visit the UK the team were very professional and looked after me from start to end.”


is Crucial

Our sourcing team only select property investment opportunities that meet all of our stringent criteria, minimising the risk for our clients and maximising the return.