Opulent Co-Founders

All about

Our aim is to provide investors across the globe with high quality investment opportunities in the UK and other major cities,  backed up with expert industry knowledge thus enabling them to achieve their exact investment objectives.

We combine our industry expertise, our wealth of experience and our innovative approach to deliver market leading property and alternative investment opportunities that meet the requirements of the modern day investor. We have long-standing relationships with reputable developers and investment providers which puts us in a unique position above our competitors. This insight means we can bring you market leading opportunities that offer good value, better service and higher returns.

Over the years Opulent has built and managed a successful global partner network providing real estate agents all over the world with real time access to UK properties and our industry renowned sales support. Bridging the gap between the UK and rest of the world Opulent's aim is to become the premier partner for agents overseas wishing to gain access in to the growing UK property market by delivering market leading projects that have been well researched and deliver superior returns for our partners clients. 

Opulent does not work with middlemen; opportunities are researched thoroughly and come with the Opulent stamp of approval.  Our sourcing team works tirelessly to select only the best properties and alternative investments designed to deliver on both capital appreciation and income generation.

The History behind

Opulent was established in 2013 to create wealth and maximise financial returns for our clients. To provide creative and thoroughly researched UK property investment opportunities to investors and partners all over the world. With a combined experience of over 35 years in the property and investment industries our owners primary objective is to create wealth through ethical property investment and to create relationships fundamentally built on trust. 

We have seen too many overseas properties built to a poor standard and many inexperienced developers and agents out there offering incorrect information to investors before important decisions are made. Opulent was created to counteract precisely this and provide investors with well researched information to help them to make the right decisions to successfully achieve their investment objectives.  After all, we know there is little point in you investing without giving yourself the best possible chance to make a return.

In only a short period of time Opulent has grown from strength to strength with an increasing customer base in the UK, the Far East and much of the Middle East regions. Our reputation is built on trust because without fail, we provide safe, solid and profitable UK and overseas property investments. We have a high calibre team of international portfolio managers who are fluent in most languages and all share our values and drive forward our performance based culture.

Corporate Social Responsibility &

Opulent endorses and sponsors a number of charities both in the UK and across the world. The owners of the company had decided to dedicate a fixed percentage of the company’s annual profits to charities devoted to improving children’s rights in the UK and internationally.

Opulent believes in a vision where all children and young people are able to realise their true potential and enjoy their fundamental human rights. We have for some time now helped orphaned children in Kenya. The money donated has gone towards helping with clothing, education and providing a better quality of life for children who are not as fortunate as many of us.

Moving forward we’re also expanding our support to Uganda helping similar children in unprivileged areas. We plan to partner with a new and vibrant young charity Rights-International, an NGO dedicated to improving the human rights of children all over the world through a community based approach.